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Character Strengths Research Paper Submission #2
Submission #2 (5pts):

This submission will be for my eyes only and will be submitted via the Character Strengths Literature Review assignment link. Please do the following.

For each of your top 5 strengths, find a research article (Utilize the ASU Library, this cannot be a website, or a newspaper/magazine article but an actual study) that supports how that strength (or a topic similar to your strength) contributes to overall happiness and provide the following:
How that strength contributes to happiness (your fact)
A paragraph (5 sentences minimum) on your thoughts on the study and how it contributes to your life
Citation…..APA format
10pts total – 1pt on how each strength contributes to your happiness and 1pt on the supplemental research article that supports what you are saying (2pts per strength X 5 strengths/research articles = 10pts)


All the work must be 100% original and professional

Please do not use any used answers if you have done the same.

Turn It In digital report is required

Any kind of plagiarism will not be tolerated

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