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The problem is the client has just found out he is gonna be a father at 33 years old and only has 2 months to get ready. He is extremely stressed and having multiple panic attacks. He lives on his own with two friends and was going to move to Key West for a job. Now he has to stay in NH and help his ex-girlfriend raise the child. However, she does not want anything to do with him, except raising the child.

Please engage in a 25 minutes long counseling “session” with another person of your choice (e.g. friend, classmate.).That individual is to be culturally significantly different than you; for example: in terms of religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental health status, or any socio-economic factor.Best to have your Helpee present a real issue.

At the end of the conversation, ask the other person to complete a “Helper Rater Form” evaluating you as a helper. Transcribe verbatim the whole of this conversation, and number all the lines of your responses, i.e., your first statement will be number 1, etc.

Please carefully review the session, and write a 6-7 pages paper (to which you will add the full transcription), addressing the following:

  • Briefly describe your client (no real name or any other identifying information)
  • What counseling skills are demonstrated in the session? (At least 10 specific examples/lines, please)
  • What are some of the challenges in the session? (at least 10 specific examples/lines, please)
  • In what ways have you modified skills, given the multicultural aspects involved?
  • Identify four personal skill development areas that you wish to strengthen.

The paper must be organized using headings and sub-headings of your choice.

Remember to submit the transcription with the paper!

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