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A substantive, research-based informational report. Manuscript format (with transmittal letter, cover page, table of contents, abstract, and
3 unique visuals; 10 sources

** Cancer Treatments with descriptions and some pros and cons. What is Immunotherapy; a description, and pros and cons. Two types of Immunotherapy treatments; descriptions, what they are used for, and why they are the best for the specific cancer it treats.

12-15 pgs., minimum (not including front matter, references, and appendices)

 Include at least 3 original figures (such as tables, photographs, graphs, or charts)

 10 sources.

In addition, all reports must include the following sections:

 Front Matter // (a) letter of transmittal (formatted as either memo or letter, to your primary audience) // (b) title page // (c) table of contents // (d) executive summary or abstract

 Report Body // (a) Introduction (should include at least 4 meaningful scholarly sources) // (b) Body (as appropriate for the genre chosen) // (c) Conclusions, Recommendations, Implications, or Future Research

 Back Matter // (a) References // (b) Appendices (if applicable)

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