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Hello Class,

People tend to think of creativity as a mysterious solo act, and they typically reduce products to a single idea. This movie is about toys, or dinosaurs, or love… The initial idea for the movie…is merely one step in a long, arduous process” (Catmull, 2008, p.3). I affirm the same can be applied in business. As leaders we must create or develop our market or industry to help build a sustainable organization for ourselves and our coworkers or team. It is through creativity that we find new avenues to see our ideas come to life and, a majority of the time, “The process is downright scary” (Catmull, 2008, p.3). The three organizational principles from Pixar, I feel, support a workplace environment where employees can implement creative solutions to problems are “Empower your creatives, create a peer culture, and get more out of post-mortems” Catmull, 2008, p.1).

I believe that all three of these principles carry a lot of weight, but feel that the principle, “Get more out of your post-mortems” (Catmull, 2008, p.1), would be the best contribution and strategy that could be implemented at my organization to improve the creativity, as well as the implementation of new and innovative solutions to our problems. As far as strategy is concerned, by creating an open forum within a learning environment, we as a team can delve into each trending objection one at a time to uncover a solution as a team. It is also important that I mention as well that, “Although people learn from the post-mortems, they don’t like to do them” Catmull, 2008, p.9). This is an important obstacle that we need to overcome as a team. That is also why I want to stress the importance to, “Vary the way you do post-mortems” (Catmull, 2008, p.9). The dynamic is very important to create variation that will not seem so redundant and predictable. Also, I am a firm believer that we only master a skill, or ourselves for that matter, when we understand everyway that we can fail. By generating more ideas as a team and developing better understandings of how our peers failed, then, in hindsight, we can discover new verbiage and strategies to overcome objections and pitfalls to better convert our skeptical prospects into adopters and believers of my company’s brand, product, mission, and goals. If you are not too comfortable leading your team down this innovative approach, I would recommend starting your project in stealth mode. “By starting your project in stealth mode, you can postpone the moment the clock starts ticking for your idea” (Miller, 2013, p.4). This will allow for better trial and error practice and improve your rate of success if you, were to utilize “Stealth Mode” (Miller, 2013, p.4), especially in one-on-one or small control group scenarios.

Best Regards,

Manuel Adrian Barbosa


Catmull, E. (2008). How Pixar fosters collective creativity. Harvard Business Review, 86(9), 64–72. Retrieved from…

Miller, P., & Wedell-Wedellsborg, T. (2013). The case for stealth innovation. Harvard Business Review, 91(3), 90–97. Retrieved from…


The three organizational principles that are used at Pixar that support a workplace environment where employees can be creative the most to me would be: Empower your creatives, craft a learning environment and free up communication. Empower your creatives: by giving creative people the opportunity to use their abilities for different scenarios stages of an idea development we can ensure that they will have an input overall aspects of production. The second principle, craft a learning environment is also something that will creative a supportive work place, by encouraging people to work together and always seek out to learn something they can understand what other people contribute as well as enhance their own skills by finding different points of view. Lastly free up communication, communication to me is the most important aspect of running a successful business, by having open lines of communication between people a manager will not have to mediate every scenario and difficulty between people but rather they will able to talk about it themselves as well as be able to collaborate between them easier.

A principle that I believe would be best suited for an organization that I am familiar with is opening lines of communication, in a company that I worked for in highschool communication was something that was lacking, the company I worked for was an indoor soccer league, this league had many soccer fields and soccer games going on at the same time. Every day there always new problems and new challenges that arise for example someone would get injured and they would need medical treatment, fights would break out and teams would not show up to their games, all these scenarios would require fast and creative solutions because have a delay of games will not only frustrate teams but it would also cost the company money in rental fees. Communication in this business was normally relayed to the manager then it was relayed to other workers depending on the solution that was created. This would create a delay and was not very effective, I believe that the organization would benefit by implementing open lines of communication between them, that way people can give their input or have a faster response to events such as fights or injuries and time will be used more efficiently.

If I was a manager I would implement this by giving all the worker a connected way to communicate with each other in an open line, a good way to do this is to use walkie talkies, by doing this everyone would be able to have real time communication and be able to relay things a lot faster.


Catmull, E. (2008). How Pixar fosters collective creative. Harvard Business Review, 86(9), 64-72

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