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A report about a three months internship at United Sugar Company
Savola, Jeddah branch. which I attended for the full duration, being a
marketer I was assigned to give a report about my experience their being an
intern in their marketing department which enabled me to take a company tour
and became familiar with the staff and their upcoming projects and goals

one of the projects i was involved in was an
attempt to promote the company on social media platforms as
a marketing outlet which took place before mother’s day so we made sure to use
that to promote the company

I also had the chance to explore the product through an
elaborate market visit in which I made sure the product was being marketed for
properly in terms of product display, availability, pricing, and I gave a
report to the marketing team about the market visit.

I should point out that I will attach a rubric for how the
paper should look like and will provide an example paper as well but the paper
should come from a marketer’s perspective

I should mention also that I worked with three different
individuals one of them was in charge about social media of the company, the
second one was in charge of keeping track of the products performance and the
last one was in charge of developing of the products and I’ll attach a file for
the work I did with each of them.

most of the data needed to can be googled or found in the
attachments I provided or I would provide if needed.

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