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In planning the source-based essay, students will choose a topic from the professor’s list or have their topic approved by the professor prior to their beginning the essay. A source-based essay synthesizes information from multiple sources. It may use one or more of the following rhetorical strategy: argumentation/persuasion. If required by yourprofessor, students will a) participate in an professor-approved preparatory assignment such as Think/Pair/Share, group work, focused freewriting, probative questions, and/or webbing to determine what they know about their chosen topic, what they need to discover about their chosen topic, and where they might find this information; b) if required by their professor, gather supporting information and bring to the next session for classroom use; c) develop a working thesis; and d) construct a well-supported word-processed essay that conforms to the specific writing mode for their assignment.

Learning Outcomes:

The students will choose an approved subject and write a source-based essay of three or more pages plus a Works Cited page. This essay will contain:

  1. a focused thesis suitable to the essay’s subject and purpose
  2. language and tone appropriate for the targeted audience
  3. an organizational structure appropriate to the essay’s subject and purpose
  4. concrete substance such as specific and sensory details, figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification), and dialogue
  5. a coherent arrangement of ideas (effective introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion) and appropriate transitional devices
  6. information borrowed from one or more secondary sources
  7. in-text documentation (following MLA guidelines) and the research specifics required by the professor
  8. basic computer literacy


Each student will demonstrate competency by producing a coherent word-processed source-based essay of three or more pages. The essay will be evaluated on content, organization, style (including compliance with MLA guidelines), and mechanics.

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