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hello i will upload a report that should be edited as per the PowerPoint and the sample provided exactly 1. downsize the words count to 3000 to 3500 2. Executive summary should contain purpose, conclusion and recommendation just like mentioned in the PowerPoint. 3. Citing using APA format maybe wrong like some of the using & while (and) should be used. 4. Make the writtng simple and try to make it look like the sample try to do a whole change. 5. Insert page format just like the one on the presentation and the sample. 6. when you done fix the PowerPoint provided for this report. 7. the orders just like the presentation

8. Try to downsize 5.1 and delete 5.3 if po

Tips for good report file is the file you should follow exactly.

English report is the one you should Edit. sample report is the one you should do same

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