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Hello, here is the Questions that are supposed to be answered from the research in the PowerPoint slides. Please understand that it’s due tomorrow so please no mistakes. Thank you.

The name of the State is Oregon

-What is the name of your state?

-What year was the study completed? How many years of data were included?

-What part of state government ordered the study?

-Did the study have a governing body overseeing the research?

-What was the name of the research group that researched and wrote the report?

-What conclusions did the study reach about the cost of death penalty trials compared with non-death penalty trials?

-What conclusions did the study reach about whether any measures could reduce the costs of the death penalty?

-What is the current status of the death penalty in your state? Statutorily allowed or abolished? Allowed but suspended under a moratorium by the governor? Allowed but rarely or never carried out?

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