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Bitzer makes many claims about the importance of the rhetorical situation, encouraging us to understand both the affordance and constraints of a situation. He also introduces you to key terms: exigence, audience, purpose, genre.


Craft a response to Bitzer, meaning select one of his ideas and write a paragraph in response. Remember, in a critical reader response, you should present the main idea of the text and providing sufficient details about the context and purpose of the text. You should then quickly move to making an evaluative or argumentative claim about the ideas presented by the authors

An effective reader response:

  • has a clear purpose and audience for writing
  • states the main idea of the original text
  • notes the key supporting points which develop the main idea
  • demonstrates an understanding of the content of the original text
  • makes an argument about the text which goes beyond description
  • supports its position with relevant examples and/or details
  • organizes the material in a logical progression with clear connections among ideas
  • utilizes independent/creative/original thinking
  • displays few errors in mechanics, grammar, usage, and spelling


Respond to the peer who posted below you. If you are the last person to post, then you will respond to the first person who posted.

the article is attached below

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