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  • ANSWER THESE IN DISCUSSION FORMAT, 75-150 WORDS, EACH QUESTIONS NEEDS ITS OWN REFERENCE right behind the answer, this does not need to be in paper format
  • If you heard someone say “is a salesman born” about someone
    else, what would you think?

    What is the most important step of the steps of the selling

    If anyone is in marketing and/or sales, why is it vital to
    know the steps of the selling process?

    What is “Integrated Marketing Communication” and
    how is it utilized as one of the most effective ways to communicate to
    customers and prospects?

    How does IMC work with Internet Marketing promotions?

    If you were an entrepreneur and you were starting your own
    business, would you necessarily have to have a website in place when you
    launched your new business? Would it
    make sense to delay the launch of your business, until you had a website up and

    In which of the strategies of the 4P’s do you feel the
    Internet adds the greatest value? Why?

    If you are going to send flowers to someone out-of-state…
    You would probably use the Internet to find a florist in that location,
    wouldn’t you? Or would you just call 1-800 Flowers?

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