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Course Objective:

CO9 Explain how to manage the growth and other challenges that arise from an entrepreneurial venture

Forum Prompt:

Your Discussion forum this week is to explain the framework for a basic marketing plan for the startup venture you have been considering. Keep this plan basic, start with one store. In creating a marketing plan framework, cover what elements you believe are most important to have in place for the initial start up. Your goal is be profitable in year 1 so think about and explain your logic for each part of the start up marketing plan. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

Citing sources is not required for this forum assignments, however, adding in attributions for your logic can add to the credibility for your marketing plan. The minimum word count for the initial posting is 275 words posted by Thursday midnight. The comment posts and/or response is a minimum of 100 words posted by midnight Sunday.

Forum Instructions:

Students who do provide attribution for another author’s words or ideas can use any format as long as the resource can be found by their peers (a hyperlink is best).

Minimum word count for each week’s initial posting is 275 words

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