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Writing Instructions (Please follow instructions & min 300 words & max  500 words) —-

Voice: “A term referring to: (1) the
manner of expression of the speaker of a literary work (particularly the
narrator) or of a character . . . (2) the style of a given author . . . (3) the
unique and pervasive human presence that the reader or an audience senses is
the driving force behind a literary work and the source of its ethical norms an
values” (Murfin & Ray, The Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms)

However, the term voice can be
applied to any written text for which there is a speaker (most often, the “I”
who writes).

For this writing journal , think about how you use social media and reflect on the “voice”
you create for such media.

you consider that what and how you write does in fact create a “writerly”
voice? Are you conscious of creating a voice? If not, consider reviewing your
posts/tweets/updates and thinking about what kind of voice you have created.

Do you think this voice accurately reflects how you speak when you are with the
people to whom you write via social media? Or do you
think that, once put into language, your “writerly” voice isdifferent?
If so, how so? And why?

If you are conscious of trying to create
a voice for social media (Tweets/Facebook updates etc.,) do you think you have successful
and are you happy with the result?

Please keep in mind that recognizing
that we do create a voice when we write doesn’t mean that the voice is not
genuine. What it does mean is that in written language, we may have less
control over how our voice is understood by others, but on the other hand, we
may also work to control how others understand (or “hear”) our voice.

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