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Book Name:

Book Name: Tischler, H. L. 2014. Introduction to Sociology (11th ed). Fort Worth, TX: Harcourt Brace College Wadsworth Publishing

Course Topics:

01- The Sociological Perspective Chapter 1

02- Doing Sociology: Research Methods Chapter 2

03- Doing Sociology: Research Methods Chapter 2

04- Culture; Socialization &Development Chapters 3 & 4

05- Social Interaction Chapter 5

06- Deviant Behavior and Social Control Chapter 7

07- Social Class in the United States Chapter 8

09- Gender Stratification; Marriage & Family Lifestyles Chapters 11 & 12

10- Religion Chapters 13

11- Education Chapter 14

12- Political and Economic Systems Chapter 15

13- Health and Aging Chapter 16


  • You will be required to attend 2 cultural events and write on the experiences.
  • Each mini-paper will require a full one [no space] page, double-spaced paper.
  • The paper will follow the APA style requirements.
  • Examples of cultural events may include: events at cultural centers, an experience with an ethnic restaurant, cultural presentations, visiting new place with different culture than yours, this is what I Prefer, etc.
  • This paper is worth a lot of points, so please insure a 100% originality and high-quality work.


This paper must be 100% original as it will be checked through TurnItin website for plagiarism

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