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Read the article titled “White-collar crime”, located at Next, view the “Types of White Collar Crime”, located at, or use the Internet or Strayer library to research articles on white collar crimes, then select one (1) crime that interests you the most. Be prepared to discuss.

Describe the main similarities and differences between corporate espionage offenders who are so-called “insiders” and those who are so-called “outsiders”. In your discussion, include the main effects, incidence of, and potential costs associated with each type of corporate espionage.

From the e-Activity, identify one to two (1-2) types or incident(s) of the white collar crime that you have selected. Next, explain the primary manner in which the incident(s) that you have identified fit into the category of white collar crime.
Respond to following statement:

The most white collar crimes I have come across have been credit card fraud and insurance fraud. These crimes are white collar crimes because they are committed by a person usually through their occupation and they are nonviolent. When you think about it the person on the other end of the phone when you call a credit card company can be a criminal but more times than not by the time the companies realize it they are long gone. I have  realized that all the verification that is done on the phone with a rep is just for show.

 Insurance Fraud just as much as credit card fraud, and it’s a very costly crime for the general public as well as the country. Also in this case insurance fraud is also committed by a person in the course of their occupation a lot of times because the insurance agent can walk the insured through  the process. Even though one can think there should be an ethical standard many people to obey that rule. 

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