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Write and submit a minimum of a 6 page report (not including cover and references) discussing the ethical issues on a topic of your choice related to healthcare. Debate the access and challenges. Include perspectives from multiple views and what policies are needed to monitor the fraud and abuse to combat rising costs. (examples: vaccinations, Right to Die, genomics, etc..) Feel free to ask if you are not sure if your topic works.

You must use supporting research, data and facts to support your ideas and theories, don’t just state what you think- defend why it would work from your perspective and the perspectives of others that you research, with references. Minimum of 6 references, APA Format. If you have questions please ask.

Project/Class Objectives:

  1. Evaluate the culture/dynamic/ attributes of your topic
  2. Assess how cultural issues affect health, access, healthcare qualitycost and its affect on HIM.
  3. Understand and discuss the healthcare challenges related to access and overall concern from each perspective
  4. Understand and discuss the benefits of the topic from the perspective
  5. Determine what would be programs and policies that you would create to support the implementation or change for your topic while meeting the needs and concerns of multiple parties. From your perspective how can you meet the needs and make it better?
  6. Determine and identify policies and procedures to monitor abuse, mismanagement and fraudulent trends from the perspective of your topic. How will they be implemented?

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