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Specific methods of data
collection (e.g., surveys, interviews, observations) produce specific types of
data that will answer particular research questions, but not others; so here
too, as covered in previous weeks, the research questions inform how the data
will be obtained.  Furthermore, the method used to collect the data may
impact the reliability and the validity of that data.

For this Discussion, you
will first consider sampling strategies. Then, you will turn your attention to
data collection methods, including their strengths, limitations, and ethical
implications. Last, you will consider measurement reliability and validity in
the context of your discipline.

With these thoughts in mind,if your last
name starts with A through L, use Position A. If your last name starts with M
through Z, use Position B

Position A: Probability sampling
represents the best strategy for selecting research participants.

restatement of your assigned position on sampling strategies. Defend your
position with examples and support from the scholarly literature. Next, select
a data collection method and briefly explain its strengths and limitations.
Then, identify a potential ethical issue with this method and describe a
strategy to address it. Last, explain the relationship between measurement
reliability and measurement validity using an example from your discipline.

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