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are the President of the United States of America. As you are watching
the Super Bowl, you are informed by a staff member that the Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA)has noticed a suspected North Korean missile,
probably loaded with a nuclear warhead, has just made impact (not
necessarily detination) somewhere on the island of Honshu, Japan
(probably near Tokyo).  The CIA is also
reporting two more possible missiles possibly aimed for South Korea and
Hawaii are fueling and preparing for launch.  The following was also
aired on North Korean state run television:

We consider the ceasefire agreement with South Korea signed at
Panmunjon, Korea, on July 27th, 1953 to no longer be in effect.

The United States must pledge to withdraw all of its military forces
from Japan and South Korea within 72 hours or horrible consequences will

3.  North Korea can longer sit by and be stalked by the capitalist agressors who have surrounded us since 1953.

have some major decisions to make. In an essay, write what types of
decisions you would make, why you would make them, and what types of
federal agencies you would want to be involved in the process of
accomplishing your mission. The essay should involve a minimum of five
paragraphs (and for many, more than that will be easily accomplished).

Remember to read over your final product making sure of correct grammar and spelling.

a paragraph consists of several (4+) complete sentences using formal
language.  Formal writing , along with your creativity and proper use of
the government tools you have learned about, will be factored when
determining your final grade.  This assignent is worth 100 points.

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