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Consumer Behavior Research Plan

assignment is to develop, implement, compile, and present a research
design and plan for a product determined or approved by the instructor.
The project entails the analysis of data from a professionally
administered survey as well as collection of secondary information.
Student will conduct a detailed market analysis using industry-accepted
techniques, synthesize the findings from that analysis and couple them
with critical and creative thought to make a marketing decision.

The plan will be based on information from course curriculum, primary
and public secondary sources, company web sites, as well as professional
experiences and insights. Surveys and primary research will be
conducted. Specifically, student will create a consumer behavior
research project including research design and implementation, market
analysis, market planning and management. The plan should include how
student will market the product based on the research. 

The following components and issues will be addressed:

1. Research Design.
2. Implementation of the Research Design.
3. Market Analysis.
4. Market Decision and rationale

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