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The first course outcome for this course is “Evaluate the relationship between belief in God and just action in the world.”In this paper, you are to write about the relationship between faith and social justice. How does faith influence a person’s understanding of social justice? How would a faith perspective influence a person’s actions? Attitudes? What should we think and do about particular issues of social justice in light of our faith perspective?

This paper should be 2 pages in length, and you are to begin by proposing a thesis—a point you want to make clear. Use at least three sources from the class, including posted notes, readings, the documentary we watched in class (link is under supplemental readings), and the textbook. Find an idea from each source that you wish to discuss, but make sure that the ideas are connected. Use detailed, accurate, and specific information from the sources to support your argument. You can use any citation method to cite your sources.

See the rubrics for paper grading. Items that influence your grade include grammar and sentence construction, clarity, and how well you use the sources to support your thought.

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