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In the Futurist Manifesto, what is Marinetti’s attitude towards art, tradition, and modern life (modernity)? How does this compare to other statements by artists and critics that you have read (Gericault, Gautier, Baudelaire, etc.) in terms of the prescriptions for art and artists, as well as in terms of tone?

In Duchamp’s defense of Fountain (‘The Richard Mutt Case’), what are the implications for art and making art when he declares, “He CHOSE it”?

What is the function and potential of art for Kandinsky, and why does fulfilling that function demand abstraction?

What does Breton hope to get out of exploring dreams? What role might art play in this?

Briefly discuss some of the ways that Hannah Höch’s photomontages address the issue of gender and women’s roles in early 20th century Germany.

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