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Weeks Three -Children and Disasters


Numerous recent and past mass casualty events and disasters have taught us – often painfully – that children truly are a special needs population. From the size of their bodies, to the emotional dependence on others, children present challenges for planners and responders.

Weekly Objectives:

  • Discuss unique aspects of emergency preparedness in children.
  • Discuss the emotional impact in children.
  • Choose the most important change you think should be made for children in disasters.
  • Compare routine and MCI triage of children.

Reading Assignments

National Commission on Children and Disasters, 2010 Report found at

Discussion Bored Questions

For Week 3 –

1. What are some of the short and long term emotional impacts a child may face?

2. From the following list, pick one specific case – Non-English or English as a Second Language child, a technologically dependent child (one that uses advanced medical technology to sustain life), a child separated from parent or guardian and in need of medical attention or shelter, an emancipated child (think of the reasons they are emancipated) and identify at least three planning issues and solutions. Discuss them here with the class

– APA Style

– Kindly, answer all discussion questions clearly and completely.

– Use your thoughts on answer.

– It is not enough to simply quote others work. I am interested in reading your thoughts on the topic.

– At least 3 references.

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