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The company your writing on is Amazon

Your report should include:

1. On overview of the ways in which eCommerce is being used within the business and across the broader industry,

2. An analysis of the strategic and operational advantages that eCommerce facilitated (relative to similar brick/mortar providing similar goods and/or services),

3.Shortcomings/limitations posed by the current state of the technology (how are these restricting the business’ eCommerce ventures), and

4.Your thoughts on things that should be done differently or ongoing improvements needed (from an eCommerce perspective) to improve the firm’s business functionality.

  • Note: References needed for all information extracted from the MIS and/or Businessliterature

Papers should be approximately 4 pages, excluding title and reference pages. The document should be double spaced, 12 point font Times New Roman.

APA writing style is recommended.

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