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I need review and finish this story, I need 

– use phrases with irony

– explain details


 Five years ago a young woman named Amy stepped off a plane and saw beautiful palm trees and a warm breeze that reminded her of her country. She walked alone down the stairs of the plane and asked where she can find her luggage. Abruptly she noticed that the gentlemen she asked did not understand her and guided her towards someone that may help. She was introduced to James a tall man with a sweet voice. He walked her toward baggage and asked where she is coming from. Amy said with a smile on her face “I’m coming from Cuba”, James smiled back and replied “I also moved here from Cuba 10 years ago”. James also feeling very familiar with Amy’s situation. He remembered when he came to US and the trouble he had so he decides help Amy and gave his phone number.

A month passed, Amy lying in her bed waiting to hear her phone ring from jobs she had previously applied. She had received calls from the condo manager, stating her rent is due, at the same moment she was opening her fridge and noticed it was empty. Amy almost had no hope and miraculously she received a call from James. He gave her a good news he found her a job at a Restaurant. She felt relief, she woke up with bright eyes and red cheeks therefore she could start to study English and continued her career. It was her dream work in a big hospital and take care of people.

After 3 months at the restaurant, she had a good relation with co workers, she was good with customer service so she received a lot tips, but the good things are not forever so she started having problems, The Manager a rude and uncouth man with a bad smell realized a lot of changes at the restaurant. He cut her hours of work and change her scheduled. She felted an emptiness.

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