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Article # 9 

Rolstadås, A., Tommelein, I., Schiefloe, P. M., & Ballard, G. (2014). Understanding project success through analysis of project management approach. Int J Managing Projects in Bus International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, 7(4), 638-660. doi:10.1108/ijmpb-09-2013-0048 
– The purpose of this paper is to show that project success is dependent on the project management approach selected, relative to the challenges posed by the project, and to develop an analytical model for analyzing the performance of the project organization. 
– The research is based on literature review, model development, interviews, and case studies.
– The findings define two different approaches in project management: The prescriptive approach focusses on the formal qualities ofthe project organization, including governing documentation and procedures. The adaptive approach focusses on the process ofdeveloping and improving a project organization, project culture and team commitment. The two approaches have been identified through studies of three different case projects. An analytical model, referred to as the Pentagon model, has been applied for analyzing the performance of the project organization and explaining the project management approach. The model focusses on five different organizational aspects: structure, technologies, culture, social relations and networks, and interaction.
Research limitations/implications
– The research is limited to megaprojects and to project management success.
Practical implications
– It is suggested that project teams consider and select their project management approach at project initiation, and accordingly decide on relevant success factors to focus on. The adapted Pentagon model can be applied to develop the project managementorganization and assess its performance in the course of project delivery.
– The contribution of the research is the application of the analytical model, and the identification as well as illustration of the prescriptive, vs adaptive management approach. 

I have a attached the full paper for reference. Two things need to be prepared: 
1- a summary of the paper contains the following: 
a. Introduction 
b. Purpose of Paper 
c. Methodology 
d. Results 
e. Evaluation

 2- A presentation about the paper for 10 minutes.

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