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Academic Integrative Essay

You will generate original ideas based on previous knowledge and research experience in this program of study. The academic integrative essay is a reflective and evaluative writing. Writing a reflective essay means that you look back at all the work you’ve done and ask “So what?” So what does this mean? So what does this show? So what does this matter? We call this an integrative essay because it requires you pull together (a.k.a. integrate) and present the learning you’ve done. You will reflect on four fundamental questions:

1. What emergent issues have subsequently manifested since the writing of this research paper?

2. What have you learned from this program that would assist you in writing your paper differently?

3. What have you learned about yourself and how does this apply to your paper?

4. How have you grown and in what ways do you still need to grow?

You will need to examine all the written work you’ve produced in this program, as well as feedback you’ve received from instructors/faculty. Some questions to consider while writing your essay: What ideas, experiences, or interactions stand out to you? What has been the most meaningful? In what way does this make a difference? What ideas or experiences have affected how you think about yourself, or idea, or about your future?

This essay shall be a minimum of 750 words (three word processed pages, double spaced, with one inch margin, and font size 12 points).

I’m a police officer if it helps and I will be soon going to graduate school if it helps write this reflective essay better

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