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1.) How does the royal art of Benin demonstrate the power and leadership of the king in form and function? Are there similarities between Benin art and Egyptian art regarding the king’s leadership? Do female figures in the art of this region (Lower Niger) always represent the king’s wives, ancestors or deities/spirits? If not give examples.

2.Discuss the bronze casting traditions in Benin compared to those of the Yoruba and the Akan. Which was the earliest to develop? What objects were produced? Both the Yoruba and Benin people depict their kings using the lost wax technique. What is the stylistic difference between the two cultures?

3.Discuss the use of personal altars and shrines by the different cultures. What compositional characteristic provides a similarity between the shrines and altars? What are other contemporary trends in art continue to keep alive the notion of altars and masquerades?

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