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Prepare a 10 minute presentation regarding any of the following approaches listed below. This can simply be written in word or powerpoint. I will be reading it as it’s recorded for a video presentation I need to record.

#1 – Levels of Explanation Approach (CHAPTER 3)

#2 – Integration Approach (CHAPTER 4)

#3 – Christian Psychology Approach (CHAPTER 5)

#4 – Transformational Approach (CHAPTER 6)

#5 – Biblical Counseling Approach (CHAPTER 7)

These three elements must be clearly addressed.

1) Choose one (only one) approach you have read about that you agree with the most and say why you have chosen this approach.

2) Explain in detail how your personal theology and spirituality influences your choice of this approach and how your personal history may interact with your implementation of this approach.

3) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen approach and how you will pursue this approach in your future practice as a counselor.

I will provide you with the textbook information when the assignment is awarded.

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