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I want you to go visit your favorite or a new restaurant for the purpose of observing the operation. Your choice must have a website with menus.

Using the field observation provided you will first read and understand the questions you are being asked so that you can naturally observe the operation.

If you look like you are trying to “get information” you may be surprised when a manager comes over to ask what you are doing and asks you to leave. You have to appear to be a customer and casually write down your observations not ask questions. If you take pictures keep them to a minimum.


  • Under no circumstances are you to interview, ask operational questions or engage in any manner of conversation in regards to your assignment. You are only there as a customer and an observer.
  • This activity is intended to be a NEW visit to a restaurant NOT a reflection of a past visit.

Your discussion submission:

After your field visit is completed you will create an electronic copy of your hand written notes on a new form which you will attach to your discussion posting.

Format and criteria required to include in your submission:

Please follow the instructions, restate and post each of the questions with your answers.

  • Attach your observation form and any other documents or pictures to your discussion post. (Do this first so you do not forget.)
  • Create (2) hyperlinks – one to the restaurants’ main website page and a second to the menu offerings. (This will assist fellow learners to see the operation much more easily.)
    1. What observable evidence (physical or interactive) suggests that this operation demonstrates identifiable characteristics such as; a mission statement, core values, and concept/theme. What do you “see, hear, touch and smell” that confirms or rejects these elements?
    2. What is on the table top? Draw or take a picture and make a list of everything that was on the table when you first were seated and note what was taken away or brought to the table throughout the entire experience.
    3. Identify the service style. Is the level of service appropriate for the concept? Is it what you expected? Describe the food and beverage menu(s). (If these is a website create a hyperlink to the menus.) Describe the staff.
    4. Describe how the overall experience made you feel. From the moment you approached and walked into the operation until you exited. (Not what you think was wrong.)
    5. Summarize your findings by specifically describing and connecting what you have learned in the class to this point to your field observation experience.
    6. Please respond with further insight to at least two (2) fellow learner’s posts. Remember quality counts here just saying “good post” does not constitute a response.
    7. Provide a works cited reference list at the end of the posting.

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