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Advertising is everywhere. Most of us are unaware and try to ignore, or even block it. However, there are always some campaigns that manages to penetrate through our ambivalence and makes us stop and listen. I do believe that any winning brands needs combination of powerful, meaningful, inspirational messages delivered in ways that touch the audiences with great products and services. Advertisement campaigns are often founded on deep psychological insights. Lastly, the common theme for success among most of the ads is to look beyond the brand to make a positive impact in an innovative way. 

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For my adverting campaign, I would use branding as a strategy. Branding improves recognition from your consumers. For example, Chick Fil A has a huge brand with a logo that consumers recognize. Branding and showing loyalty to customers helps them grow trust within your consumers. You need to have all the trust from them you can get because they are the ones who in the end determine if your business dies or continues. Brands also support economic value.  Brands are the mostly intangible assets. Many things such as products or companies being sold and bought for example happen all the time.But, if my brand is very strong I have people that will remember that no matter what happens through the years, I will have a strong ground because my brand helped me stay on top. It is also important to identity, know, and understand your target auience. They are the ones who buy and support your brand and if you lose them it’s all over. 

I would also consider being very involved in social media. This is the era of social media with billions of people on popular sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. I have every right to take advantage of the sites advertise my company to better myself. 

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The strategies that work best for an advertising campaign is dependent on the goals of the business. If lead generation, the process of collecting information from prospect customers that will be later contacted by salespeople, is the goal than I would make use of digital marketing. There are number of digital marketing channels that are effective in creating lead generations: Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization. Email marketing is implemented by many businesses because of its benefits: low expenses, efficient targeting, segmentation, and it is easy to track, and analyze. Search engine optimization is the process of increasing visibility by increasing rank on list of results returned by a search engine.  I chose this strategy because it allows for business to receive targeted traffic through the use of keywords that corresponds with your business.  SEO increases sale without respectively increasing one’s marketing cost.

Are there other strategies that should be considered? What are they?

There are two other strategies that I would consider: Pay per click advertising, and Social media marketing, PPC advertising provides targeted traffic with the use of bidding and placing ads. Social media marketing will allow me to use different social media mediums to target consumers. Facebook will allow me to reach any kind of consumer. Twitter will allow me to reach millennials. Linkedin will allow me to reach businesses and business professionals.

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