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Activity 2: One-Week Integrated Math and Science Inquiry Lesson Plan

1. Select a unit topic or theme with instructor approval, and develop a one-week lesson plan to include:

  • the goal (purpose) of the unit: What will the children learn?
  • the 12 math concepts studied
  • daily objectives
  • plan daily activities
  • use children’s literature to support the daily objective
  • authentic assessment for an activity to see if the students learned the daily objective

2. Use pages 60-64 in the textbook and your Activity Card assignment as a guide. The lesson plan will include:

  • 12 Math/Science concepts in teaching activities
  • independent activities
  • hands-on activities
  • center-based activities (games, finger plays, songs, food, etc.)
  • appropriate literature
  • authentic student assessment of daily activities

3. In each of the 15 activity blocks:

  • you will use three concepts twice
  • write the Math/Science concept in the block and highlight it in yellow

4. See the attached example of a one-day lesson plan with a theme of Farm Animals.

  • Do NOT use Farm Animals as a theme.

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