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The prevention of terrorist acts committed by adherents of radical
Islamism is a major policy objective today.  Can we defend ourselves
against such acts without abridging the civil rights and liberties of
American Muslims and immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries?
 What measures that might be undertaken by the authorities are
legitimate?  Which are not?

sure to respond to at least one other learner in order to earn full
credit. 20 points for your excellent post that includes evidence
(research) to support your point of view. 10 points for your excellent
response to a fellow learner; read other students’ responses and respond
with your point of view and with evidence to support your point of
view….this should be different information than your first post to
this prompt. Your first post will be your viewpoint with evidence; your
second post will be your response to another student’s post supported by
evidence of your point of view.

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