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200 words each part.

Risk in the Project Environment 

  • 1.When
    looking at risks in the project environment, why are we concerned with
    the impact and probability of a potential risk event?

Risk Information

  • 2.Explain
    what a “risk register” is, what it is used for, and what it contains
    (i.e. components for the risk register). Please describe each of the


  • 3.Why
    are contracts necessary when conducting procurements and what do they
    represent? Discuss the major types of procurement contracts. Is there
    any situation where you would not use a contract for procuring goods or
    services – please explain why or why not? Is a verbal agreement or a
    handshake considered a valid contract? Please include a minimum
    of one resource in addition to your required or optional reading/viewing

use any reference as a source for your posts, you must use the APA in-text citation format to credit the author.

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