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English 101 +

Portfolio Project

People’s Guide Entry

The Assignment (600-800 words)

Choose a neighborhood somewhere in L.A. county and write your own guidebook

entry. You CAN use the same neighborhood you researched for essay three, though

you should not simply replicate the information you presented on that paper. You

should model your entry off of

A People’s Guide to Los Angeles.

First, write a brief

introduction/overview of your neighborhood. Then, choose three to five locations to

discuss which have a social/historical significance to your chosen neighborhood.

Include a map that places these locations in relationship with one another. List 4-6

“Nearby Sites of Interest” and “Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants.” Lastly, list your

research in a “To Learn More” section.


Write a brief introduction of your neighborhood. Your job here is to give an

overview of the neighborhood that creates an alternative narrative that will be

supported by the places you choose to highlight. This includes providing a historical

overview and explaining how this neighborhood fits in to a bigger picture of Los


Focused Locations:

What are the places in your neighborhood that are especially significant? DO NOT

simply look at other guide-books to see which restaurants or clubs are the most

reputable. Instead, focus on locations that may often be overlooked but which have a

historical/social significance that helps define your neighborhood. Explain the

significance of these locations and provide pictures/relevant images of your chosen

location or important people. What makes these locations so important and why

might they often be overlooked?

Nearby Sites of Interest:

List 4-6 Nearby sites of interest in your entry. Provide name, address, contact

information, website and a brief overview of this site and it’s significant. These are

meant to be very brief.

Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants:

List 4-6 neighborhood restaurants/eateries that are significant in your

neighborhood. These need not be five star restaurants. Rather, these are likely the

places that locals know of and frequent. These are likely not chains or brand new

businesses. These are the places that have stood the test of time. Pulido tends to

comment not only on the food, but also on the roles these places may play in

fostering diversity etc. You can do the same.

To Learn More:

List the sources you consulted in this section of your guide. Use MLA format.

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