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Hello all, what i need is and answer for this prompt from one of my classmates, the answer should be base on what he wrote it has to give any appreciation and at least one question for him and 5 to 6 lines. Thank you

Randi Silverhardt

RE: Discussion Prompt


Hello Dr. Rosie and classmates,

Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globe Awards accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement was a moving, passionate, and powerful speech that gave the talk show host an opportunity to speak out against racial inequalities over the decades and injustices, mistreatment of women, as well as the current attacks against the media. I, like many who have had the privilege of hearing or reading this speech was moved by the strength of her not only as a woman but as a person, as well as her words. In a few minutes she was able to deliver a powerful and meaningful message that will not soon be forgotten.

I believe her audience was all people, but she directed special attention to those who have suffered due to inequality, injustice, sexism as well as racism. She also was able to make a firm point about the president’s attacks on the media and still able to do so in a tactful way, addressing him specifically without using any names and sending him a direct message. The purpose of the speech was to draw attention to these issues and give a voice to those whose suffering has been in silence. She sends the message to these individuals that they are not alone, and the battle is not over. The mood is inspiring and uplifting. It is structured with a powerful introduction to grab the listener’s attention as well as a strong ending enforcing her message and leaving a deep feeling within the audience for them to walk away with. She begins with the story of her own humble beginnings and suffering, sharing her anger, joy, sadness and triumph, and then widens the topic reflecting on history, specifically the suffering of black women. Then she introduces us to Recy Taylor, a woman many of us including myself are unfamiliar with, and her ties to Rosa Parks who was assigned as the investigator of her case, another fact many do not know. She concludes her speech with a powerful call to action by every listener in the room.

I believe that it was important that her speech did not single anyone one out, nor place blame on anyone. Instead she used her voice and position to empower people. Ultimately I believe her speech brought people of all genders and colors together and urged them to make a difference as a whole, and to become leaders paving the road to change.

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