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Your team case study analysis should contain the same components as the cases you have been exposed to throughout the semester:

1. The Story
2. Situational Awareness (facts of the case, good/bad features of the story)
3. Prudential Reasoning (moral agents’ perspective)
4. Court Decision or Input from an Ethics Committee (justification)
5. Ethical Reflection

The case does not have to be entirely original. However, I do not want a slight variation of an existing case either.

You will also be graded on a number of other elements including use of outside resources to support your team case study analysis assignment, level of engagement among team members, and quality of the final presentation.

Please Note: Only one person from the team will be submitting the final products (Both a MS Word document detailing the analysis (in the same manner as the Individual Case Study Analysis assignment), and a PowerPoint Presentation file which will be used for an online presentation)

Simple sentences Please.

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