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In your everyday life, budgeting is a best practice in order to keep living expenses and savings within your financial means. In many instances, personal budgeting is as important as budgets prepared by companies. Why? Remember that companies exist because people buy their products.

In this Discussion, you will calculate a personal budget and then relate personal budgeting to management budgeting at companies.

In preparation for your Discussion posting, go to the Library and research “personal budgets.” Find at least one article on personal budgeting. Include information from the article in your posting reply. You must also include a citation and reference in APA style (see APA Style Central located in the Academic Tools area of the course).

Please respond to the Discussion Checklist using the information from the personal budget you calculate using the criteria provided in the Personal Budget Criteria document. Take time to review your classmates’ responses and to provide your feedback.

  • What surprised you, if anything, in the budget(s) that you prepared?
  • What process did you use in making your personal budget?
  • What changes, if any, would you make in the personal activities that are under your control, based on the budget(s) that you prepared?
  • How would your budget change if next month you had to move to a different state?

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