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First, you must obtain a copy of a compliance plan from a local healthcare facility or program in your local area. 

For this assignment, you are to compare the facility’s compliance plan to the information in your text (pages 389-391).  The Office of Inspector General ( (Links to an external site.)) is also an excellent resource for information on compliance guidelines (type “compliance guidelines” in the search box. )  In you analysis, include the following information:

  • What is the focus of the compliance plan?

  • In what ways  the compliance plan following  the text’s and/or OIGs guidelines

  • What areas appear to be missing?

  • What information was new and/or particularly helpful?

  • How difficult was it to read the plan?  How clearly were the guidelines stated?

Assignment Submission Instructions: Once you have completed the assignment, submit the assignment by clicking on the ‘Submit Assignment’ icon on the upper right-side of your screen.

Assignment Due Date: This assignment is due NO LATER THAN Saturday, 11:59pm MST of Week 1.  A late assignment will be automatically deducted 20% as per classroom policy.

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