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2. Children’s Television Review  (25%)

Paper should be 5 pages in length.

NAEYC Standards:  1, promoting child development and learning; 3, observing, documenting, and assessing to support young children and families; 6, becoming a professional

NAEYC Supportive Skills: 3, written and verbal communication skills; 5, identifying and using professional resources

This assignment is designed to help you analyze and critique (or commend) entertainment that has been created for children. Watch two (2) hours of children’s television programming. This may consist of on (1) full-length feature film, two (2) episodes of a one-hour show, or four (4) episodes of a half hour show. Take careful notes while watching this programming. You may even want to record the show or shows that you watch in order to make a more careful analysis of what you see. A DVD or other online digital platform will also be suitable. 

Imagine that you are writing a review of the programming you have watched for a magazine or newsletter to parents of young children. Your job is to inform parents about this programming. Be clear about whether or not you would recommend this program or not, and give clear advice about anything parents may want to discuss with their children with regard to it. You should also indicate for which ages the programming is appropriate.  Consider the following questions as you write your review:

•     How might the likely impact of the programming affect children’s cognitive skills (i.e. vocabulary and logical skills)?

•     In what ways are opinions and attitudes toward education are conveyed in this programming?

•     In what ways do violence or aggression play a role in the program? In what context?

•     What messages about gender does the program contain?

•     Does the programming contain ethnic or racial stereotypes? If so, how are these stereotypes used?

Your review must include information on the title of the program or film you reviewed and where and when it was broadcast.

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