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Watch the Genie video and answer the question: About 1.5 pages long double space

1. There is a debate about the importance of the critical period in language development?
What does the case of Genie say about this?

2. Did Genie learn more grammar or lexicon? What does this imply?

3. There is debate about the role of language in thought. How does the case of Genie inform
this argument?

4. How does Genie’s case inform the nature vs. nurture debate?

5. To what extent did Genie go through Erikson’s psychosocial stages of development? Will she
still follow the same timeline as other children/adults? (see page 5)

6. Did Genie follow the timeline set out by Piaget’s stages of cognitive development? If not,
why not? (see page 6)

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