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Portfolio Project Milestone (50 Points)

Important! Read First

This week you will complete the third Milestone that builds towards the completion of your Portfolio Project. Complete the Milestone that corresponds with the Portfolio Project option that you have selected (Option #1 or Option #2); it should be the same option number that you completed for previous Milestones. Indicate your selection in the title of your submission.

Option #1: Creating a Social Media Infographic

Select an online platform offering free tools to create infographics. Create your infographic using Piktochart (Links to an external site.) or another tool of your choice that allows you to download the infographic as a PDF file.

Create an infographic about types of social media platforms, how organizations use social media, or an issue relating to your personal online brand, and post it in your blog, which you created in Module 4. The infographic should demonstrate your ability to create an infographic, an accurate understanding of your selected topic, and the effective use of visual media to communicate meaning.

After creating your infographic, download your work as a PDF and submit the PDF to your instructor as an attachment. Review the rubric for this Milestone in the Module 5 Materials folder for specific grading criteria.

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