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Question 1.1. Children born while their mothers are incarcerated (Points : 2)


Question 2.2. A Minnesota study found that the most effective way to recruit foster parents was to (Points : 2)


Question 3.3. What is the first feeling experienced by parents whose children are taken away and
placed in foster care? (Points : 2)


Question 4.4. The involvement of natural parents with their children in care (Points : 2)


Question 5.5. One duty often not performed sufficiently by the foster care worker in the past was
to (Points : 2)


Question 6.6. Professionalization of foster parents seems to be a trend for the future. Why might
this be problematic? (Points : 2)


Question 7.7. By the 1950’s children not residing in their own homes were (Points : 2)


Question 8.8. Why can separation from a birth parent have a profound effect on children? (Points : 2)


Question 9.9. An abandoned child is found by his neighbor. Where would this child most likely go to
stay that night? (Points : 2)


Question 10.10. A social worker visits a prospective foster parent’s home to begin the lengthy screening process.  This is known as part of the (Points : 2)


Question 11.11. Historically, adoption originated to meet the needs of (Points : 2)


Question 12.12. The first state to have the statute that most closely resembles today’s adoption
philosophies was (Points : 2)


Question 13.13. Surrogate mothering (Points : 2)


Question 14.14. Which of the following is a problem with independent adoptions? (Points : 2)


Question 15.15. There has been a lot of controversy over how and when to tell a child that he/she is adopted.  Most adoption resources recommend discussing the adoption (Points : 2)


Question 16.16. Why do many children not come up for adoption until they are older? (Points : 2)


Question 17.17. Why do independent placements not protect the child’s right to the best possible home? (Points : 2)


Question 18.18. Why do some birth parents who give their child up for adoption feel stigmatized by
their community? (Points : 2)


Question 19.19. Kelly was adopted when she was 3 years old. She knows who her birth parents are.
In fact, they come to her birthday party every year. Kelly’s adoption is (Points : 2)


Question 20.20. Mary is a teenage girl who gives her baby up for adoption because she knows she
does not have the resources to raise the child properly. This situation falls under the
category of (Points : 2)


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