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Annotated Bibliography (8-10 sources, citation and
paragraph each)

Content: We
will be making a shorter version of the evaluative annotated bibliography
described in Chapter 12. You will have an annotated bibliography entry for each
article you use in your research paper. Each item on the annotated bibliography
will contain the works cited information followed by a three-part brief
paragraph that includes, in this order (perhaps three sentences for each
bullet).  Key Features:

  • A few sentences about the rhetorical context: Is it a news
    article or an opinion piece? Is it a report of a scholarly study? Describe
    the source. Who is the intended audience? Is there any bias, and if so
    what? Who is the author? What are his or her credentials or expertise?
  • A few sentences that summarize the article. Include the
    thesis and major supporting points.
  • A few sentences about why this source seems valuable and how you might use it.

Format: Arrange the bibliography items
in alphabetical order, just like a works cited list. While the works cited list
is double spaced, the annotated bibliography is single spaced, with double spacing between entries.

Below is an example:  If I were writing a paper on self-esteem in
humans, I might have an item like the following on my annotated bibliography:

Mohanti, Ranjani Iyer.
“What to Do with Our Failed New Year’s Resolutions.” The

Christian Science Monitor 27 Dec. 2010 – 3 Jan. 2011: 13. Print.

This is an opinion article
published in a respected, unbiased news magazine. The Monitor is published weekly and carries national and international
news stories and articles about politics, business, and culture. Its readers
tend to be educated people with broad interests.  Ranjani Iyer Mohanti is a writer and publisher
based in India. Her articles have also appeared in The International
Herald Tribune
The New York Times, and The Wall
Street Journal
. In the article, Mohanty explains the Zeigarnik (Z-) effect,
named after Bluma Wulfovna Zeigarnik, a
Russian psychologist and psychiatrist who found that people tend to move on from the successes in their
lives, but remember and dwell on the unfinished business or failures. This is
often true for failed New Year’s resolutions and explains why some makers of
resolutions become discouraged and choose not to make them anymore. Mohanty suggests
that we can take the nagging memories of unfinished tasks and turn them into
positive motivators. The article is useful for my paper because it explains the
Zeigarnik (Z-) effect and its impact on human behavior and self-esteem.Although
New Year’s resolutions are not the subject of my paper, the psychological
research that Mohanty cites can be applied to other situations that involve
self-esteem, its causes and effects.

Research Paper:  (7-8 pages of paper, plus audience and purpose
paragraph, outline, and works cited page using 8-10 sources)

research paper will be an argument. It may take a stand on an issue, propose a
solution to a problem, examine in depth the causes of a situation, or evaluate
a program or system.

Key Features of an argument are (See Chapter

·  A clear and arguable position

·  Necessary background information

·  Good reasons

·  Convincing evidence

·  Appeals to readers’ values

·  A trustworthy tone

·  Careful consideration of other

Choose a
topic that can be narrowed to fit the requirements of the paper. Choose a topic
that interests you. Have your topic approved before you begin in earnest.
Find information using the Sinclair Library databases, books, periodical
articles, and reliable internet sources. As you will learn in our research
segment, do not merely start with Google. The preferred variety of sources will
include journal, magazine, and newspaper articles from Sinclair Library
databases; a book; a reference book; and one or two websites. Don’t use all web
sources. Don’t use all short articles. Don’t use all books.

Research Paper Steps: These steps count for part of your
course grade.

approval of your subject

Attendance at
library instruction and workday


thesis statement and outline (a brief)

Analysis of
audience and purpose (paragraph)

Outline in MLA

works cited page (6-10 sources, demonstrating variety, in MLA or APA style)

submission to Turnitin

Labeled and annotated
photo copies or printouts of articles used (only if requested)

10. Full, PC-printed draft with documentation  

11. Revised research paper

12.Timely completion of all the steps

Audience and Purpose Paragraph:  (3/4 – 1 page)

paragraph, which will precede your research paper, is the product of thinking
you have done using the Audience and Purpose Analysis Worksheet (posted
online). In this paragraph you will describe the audience to whom you are
addressing the research paper, some common ground you find between yourself and
your audience, the source of some differences between you, your purpose in
writing to this audience, and your strategy for persuading them.

paragraph is not part of the research paper itself, and would not be read by
the audience. Neither is it a summary of the paper. Instead, it analyzes your
audience and describes your purpose and plan. 
This kind of thinking is essential for successful persuasive writing,
and the paragraph will help me evaluate your research paper.

Research Paper Outline:  (1
page, double spaced)

formal outline format. The following is a sample.
Parts are moveable.

(name the specific problem)

A.  Terms defined

B.  Example(s) of the problem



C.  Seriousness of problem (effects)




D.  Causes of problem




solution (your thesis): (full sentence here only)

A.  Explanation/details

B.  Steps




C. Reasons why this solution should be tried (evidence is
not shown in

the outline)




  D. Counterargument + Refutation

  E. Counterargument + Refutation

  F. Overall benefits.


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