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Write a response to the following question of approximately 5 double-spaced pages. 

Papers should be in-depth, specific, thorough and clear.  Papers should respond to the questions by analyzing specific quotations from each of the three texts, all the while explaining how those quotations or features support the answer. Integrate quotations into your writing effectively.

Your paper should rely entirely on the student’s own analysis of the text without the use of outside sources (except those indicated in the questions).

Your writing should be grammatically clear and use specific words.

Paper Question:

How would Edward Said critique Heart of Darkness? Use the excerpt from Orientalism to determine how he would agree and/or disagree with Achebe’s criticism of Conrad’s novella. Use specific examples and/or passages from all three works.

**Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad**

**Edward Said’s critique is attached as an uploaded file**

** Sparknotes for the book Heart of Darkness** 

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