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My topic is : The impact that non profits have on the homeless community especially women and children.

I need the following 5 questions answered as if you were each of the homeless people below. The questions are to be the same but answers will vary. Below are the types of homeless individuals to be surveyed. You must be creative and use your fictional skills. If you don’t have any then don’t accept this assignment.


1. How did you become homeless?

2. How do you survive each day?

3. Do you have any family that is willing to assist you and get you off the streets?

4. Are you receiving any help from an organization?

5. What do you hope for in the future?

I need a graph or chart representing the results. Below are the individuals to be surveyed.

1. Single mother (35) with 2 small kids (6) and (9)

2. Single woman (46)

3. Single mother (49) with 2 older kids (13) and (16)

4. Single mother (27) with 2 small kids (3) and (5)

5. Single woman (29)

6. Child (17) – runaway prostitute

7. Child (16) -parents are on drugs in the streets somewhere

8. Child (14) –lesbian -kicked out of house

9. Single mother (56) experiencing domestic violence with 2 small kids (10) and (5)

10. Single woman on crack (42)

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