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Read the article:

Dedicated Followers of Fashion? The Influence of Popular Culture on Children’s Social Identities

by Sharon Boden

1. The article discusses how popular culture affects tweens in the UK. Is popular culture more or less salient on the identities and purchases of tweens in the US? Why?

2. Can you think of examples of cultural norms being affected by popular culture?

3. How do social status markers, like clothing style or brand, influence peer relations? Is there a difference in the status markers that influence peer relations as we age? What markers are important as children? As tweens? As young adults? As adults?

4. Is the idolization of cultural icons a good or a bad thing? When should we encourage this behavior? When should we discourage it? What social problems could it potentially create?


Biological Foundations

  • Neurons & Neurotransmitters
  • The brain
  • Hormones

Sensation & Perception

  • Sensory-Perceptual Process
  • Thresholds
  • Perceptual Processing
  • The 5 Senses

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