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M2 Assignment – Research an Occupation

This written assignment on Research Projections for One Occupation has 2 parts for all students – research and writing. Advanced level students also have a 3rd part.

All students…

  1. Research – Study the resources provided in the links below.
  2. Write and submit an occupational projections paper.

Advanced-level students only…

  1. Synthesize all the occupation research findings from other students. See below.

Here are details on each part of the assignment:

1. Research. (All students)

Research the projections for one occupation that you’re in, or that you’re interested in. Find out what your selected occupation is projected to be like in the coming decade.

Do this research by reading about labor projections from the BLS document provided below and from the two websites linked below.

First, read about labor projections up to 2024, from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, December 8, 2015 Economic News Release. The entire release is available as:

    Next, consult these websites:

      • Occupational Outlook Handbook The handbook provides information for 25 occupation groups. Find specific occupations in each industry, the employment outlook, and links to organizations with more information.
      • America’s Career InfoNet From this page, explore occupational trends under Occupation Information, Industry Information, and State Information.

      2. Write and submit an occupational projections paper. (All students)

      Based on what you find out about projections, write a 1- to 2-page paper (at least 500 words). Include:

      • 3 or 4 elements of the occupational projections that will most affect your selected occupation
      • at least 4 citations from the resources above, showing where you found your information. Cite the BLS document at least once. Cite each of the 3 websites at least once.

      Submit your paper below as an attachment. Do not write your paper in the text box.

      3. Synthesize other students’ occupational projections by submitting a second paper below.(Advanced-level students only)

      Near the end of Week 2, review all of your fellow students’ occupational projections papers.

        • Write 3-5 bullet points that synthesize how big picture labor projections will affect your classmates’ occupations.
        • Submit your bullet points as a second paper below. You can upload this second paper or write it directly into the Message box.
        • Be sure to label your paper/post “Summary of Occupational Projections.” That way, we can all tell the difference between the occupational projections papers (all students) and the summaries of the class papers (advanced-level students only).

        Use synthesis and evaluation thinking skills from Bloom’s Taxonomy, described on the course page How to Use Critical Thinking Skills.


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