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Question 1: Discussion

Describe (in detail) an example of unproductive business meeting you have attended.

  • What should have been done prior to the meeting to increase productivity?
  • As an attendee, what could you have done during the meeting to increase productivity?

Question 2: Write a blog

Write a blog entry about any topic (preferably business topic) of interest to you (and appropriate for potential employers). The blog should be at least four well-developed paragraphs and include any graphics.

Question 3: Voicemail

You are responsible for a major report at work. The deadline is fast approaching and you realize you will not be able to meet the deadline your supervisor gave you. You really need to discuss the situation with your supervisor. Write an email and leave a voicemail message that would be appropriate for the situation.

Notes: 1. For these three tasks, you only need to provide me with three final word documents. Be sure to read every question and request carefully!

2. Please be original, don’t copy! These three questions will be checked by Turnitin.

3. Please complete question 2 &3 according to the attached scoring criteria.

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