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In this assignment you can either work in a team or work alone. Teams can not be more than 3 people. You are the budget director for Catholic University and have been asked to prepare a presentation to faculty about the budget, with special emphasis on the Information Technology department.

This presentation should be 20 slides (18 slides of content +1 slide title +1 slide references). It should have charts and explanations.

It should discuss the following topics:

  1. Start with a budget summary and how the budget compliments the mission and values of the university.
  2. Revenue for the entire university (discuss the components of revenue)
  3. Discuss expenses
  4. Discuss IT budget requests
  5. Discuss Capital budgets impacting IT
  6. Discuss Capital and depreciation expenses
  7. Cost Sharing
  8. Recommendations in case there is a 5% reduction in revenues
  9. Explain the organization as a whole
  10. Explain any new investments
  11. Discuss biggest expenses and revenue

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