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Students will write one 4-5 page paper for the final. You are encouraged to come up with your own topic for your essay, however, you can use the topics below.

Essays should be typed, in a standard font with standard margins, double-spaced and in black ink. The use of ONE secondary source (from the syllabus or from outside sources) is required. Grades will be lowered for papers that do not meet the minimum page requirement. Do not include title pages. Please proof read your work. I WILL take off points for grammar and spelling mistakes, if these mistakes affect my comprehension of your work. Footnotes are not required. However, please give a page number in parentheses for each quote used from a secondary source. If you are using outside sources or a different version of the texts, you must have a bibliography.

Any form of plagiarism will receive an F.

Make sure to connect all of your ideas to our class movies/ readings/ discussions, etc.. or you won’t get full credit.


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Phone: 949-824-8949
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Essay topics:

  1. Examine how the fusion of Persian and foreign elements produced many new and original forms of art, both in the classical and contemporary fields. With examples drawn from the movies, explain how art could become political. Quotes should be marked with chapter and page number (14/3).
  1. In many Persian movies the presence of art, poetry, dance, music, etc. is very apparent. Why do you think art plays such an important role? Do you believe that the value of art is to serve some moral or didactic purpose? Also, the choice of location for the filmmaker is either a cultural or a political statement. It reflects the filmmaker’s state of mind as well as his/her emotional situation at the time of filming. How do you describe the choice of locations in the movies we watched? Quotes should be marked with chapter and page number (14/3).
  2. Write a “missing chapter” to one of the films we have seen, using the characters and style of the work. Then write a 2-page critique of your chapter.
  3. Your own topic. Please discuss it with me ahead of time.

****** In your paper you will Identify a minimum of 2 editing or stylistic choices that caught your eye (e.g. framing, lighting, shot composition, specific cuts) in 2 of the movies we watched. Give some examples.

SUBMISSION – Please follow these directions: You will have points deducted from your exam if you do not follow these instructions.

-Clearly mark your essay with your name and section number

-Underline or italicize the titles.

-Proof read your paper for grammatical and spelling errors.

I expect a minimum threshold of competence. Consequently, I will not accept any paper

  1. which does not consistently follow an accepted style (ex: MLA); or
  2. in which there is plagiarism, whether intentional or inadvertent; or
  3. in which technical terms or philosophers’ names are systematically misspelled.

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