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You will see the original questions presented to the class underlined below. I need responses to the following students’ posts #1-3. Every response to #1-3 should be at least a paragraph or two. This is for Business Ethics 400 class so please read the attached chapter one if you need reference. You need to only reference the chapter for your sources I will attach the citation for it here: The Business Ethics Workshop (2012) Washington, DC: The Saylor Foundation. APA Format. Please don’t forget page numbers in your citations. It is for a forum setting so please do not use, …”This student’s post….”. Please write as if you are responding to the student. Also, please complete citations for each response separately in order for me to keep each one organized. Only use the attachments I provided for sources please.

Learning Activity #1

Employee Bill of Rights

Recent events of employee dissatisfaction and general staff upheaval are threatening the continued operations of Giggle, Inc., a large internet search company, and management believes that a strong employee bill of rights would be a positive step to address the turmoil. I.M. Reale, the new senior executive vice-president for human resources for the Company has been tasked with the responsibility of developing a new employee bill of rights. Because he is rather clueless as to how to approach this assignment, he has called you in as a consultant (actually he wants you to do all the drafting but be sure he gets the credit).

Using the reading, “Examples of Ethical Issues in Business”, embedded here as an initial frame of reference, develop the employee bill of rights. What would such a document look like? I.M. Reale, the consummate professional that he is, has left you with the following instructions:

1) make sure the bill of rights is clear and practical and not theoretical;

2) it should use negative injunctions that are more precise than “you should” statements; (think of negative injunction in terms of something that should not happen). I think there are a couple of ways you could phrase your bill of rights provisions. For example:

“An employee shall not be discriminated against in the workplace because of age, gender, religion or disability.” (This would be an example of a negative injunction description ).

You could also state the provision as:

“An employee shall have the right to a workplace environment free of discrimination based on age, gender, religion or disability.”

3) it should be written in lay language (none of that legal mumbo jumbo—I think he has a strong dislike for lawyers—imagine that);

4) it should be succinct; and

5) it needs to be enforceable and not dependent on good will to work.

Learning Activity # 2

Can They Really Do That?

Identify at least 2 jobs for which you feel age or sex should be a bona fide occupational qualification (“BFOQ”). Discuss the jobs and your reasons for believing that age or sex is a BFOQ. In your discussion, be certain to explain what the term BFQO means and discuss the legal and ethical issues presented by your examples.


“Employee Bill of Rights

Employees should treat each other fairly and with respect. No employee is to spread rumors about another employee.

No employee should make negative comments about the company on social media.

Be responsible for your own actions and take full responsibility.

Please maintain standards in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Violation(s) could cause termination.

No employees should share company information with another company or individuals that are not employed by the company.


Leonard, K. (2019). Examples of Ethical Issues in Business. Retrieved from


The first job that I am going to identify is my own. I am an Air Traffic Controller. Air Traffic Control (ATC) uses age when discussing bona fide occupational qualification (BFQO) (BFOQ,2002). When you are looking for a job and you stumble across ATC you will always find a statement that says “you must not be 31 by the time this advertisement closes” or “you must not be 36 by the time this advertisement closes if you have prior experience “. At first, I didn’t understand why there was an age limit on a high demand job. The reason for the age is to keep controller’s sharp when working with individual’s lives. As you become older your reaction time becomes slower. ATC has a lot of judgement calls that you have to make in a split second or a plane could crash. One could justify a legal issue with the company. Most individuals will feel like they are tip top shape at a later age.

The second job is the military in the United States. The military uses certain jobs that they only let men join. The jobs are special operation jobs that demand a lot on your body. This brought a big discussion within the women community. The equal rights amendment that women should be able to do the same jobs or etc. as men (Equal Rights, 2018). They also should not be denied because of sex. There are many ethical issues that arise from this situation. This ethical issue goes back to previous weeks work. If the military lets the women go into the field and something happens are they at fault? If they stop women from joining those specific careers because of the hostile environment are they wrong? Sometimes the good is going to outweigh the bad, but you still have to let it happened. The military should let them in these career fields even though they are women.


The Equal Rights Amendment — Equal Rights Amendment. (2018). Retrieved from…

Legal discrimination in four letters: BFOQ – (2002). Retrieved from…


Employee’s Bill of Rights

Employees shall have the right to a work environment free of discrimination of age, race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin.

An employee with physical disabilities shall have the right to work in a safe environment with reasonable accommodations, and that employee shall not be discriminated against because of their disability.

Employees shall have the right to a work environment free of harassment of any type.

Employees shall have the right to work in a safe environment free of fall hazards, respiratory hazards, chemical and toxic substances.

Employees shall not be retaliated against for filing complaints against employers and co-workers.

Employees shall have the right to read, understand and sign a privacy act policy and non-disclosure agreements to protect their personal information.

Employees shall have the right to obtain a detailed breakdown of their payroll wages and deductions

Employees shall have access to read, understand, and sign the employee’s bill of rights.”

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